My ship has sails of tapestry
Weft of bright hopes and dreams
Of dark fears and regrets
Woven with life’s rich colors

By day I ply my shuttle
Back and forth
Reeling out my life’s thread
And weaving in my story

By night I ravel back all I can
Until some accidental knot
Or tangle saves
What I would wish undone

For all I can effect
The patterns grow larger
My days plaited into sailors’ tales
Spread wide by a following breeze

Each day, my tapestries
Billow a little fuller
Grown fat with yesterday’s threads
Catching more of today’s wind

Each day my ship sails faster
Days rushing past
My cloth of many colors
Dancing with sunlight and air

My ship has sails of tapestry
Weft of bright possibilities
Of dark realities
Lifeline crossing them with meaning

This ship was given whole to me
But the sails are all my own
Each day they carry me a little faster
Each hour become a little shorter

An unknown shore races toward me
With rocks and shoals and safe harbors
Do you suppose we’ll meet
Before my thread runs out?

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