Endangered Species?

“It’s not like it was in the old days.  But then, it never was.”

One of the great consistencies of our inconsistent species is our eternal bemoaning of the changes that occur in our lifetimes.  As we age, each generation seems to be obsessed with the sense of loss.  Loss of standards, loss of place and, in our own time, loss of whole species.

I do not mean to belittle the tragedies in the fate of the rhino, the elephant, or the cheetah.  But others have covered those subjects with accuracy, passion, and eloquence.  It just seems to me that our real environment is a little closer to home.  It is the condition of our daily surroundings that makes us crazy.

This problem can be split in two classes:  1)  Certain worthwhile people and things that seem to be becoming endangered in this world of ours.  2)  Other people and things that richly deserve to be endangered but show no signs of it.

I am certain that if we thought a bit each of us would be able to come up with an extensive list for each category.  To start the exercise, may I present a (ahem) modest beginning to such lists?


Honest Politicians
People who read
People who take pride in a job well done
Knowledgeable reporters
People with good taste
Quiet patriots
Polite drivers
People who read, write, and speak proper English
Politicians who care more about principles than popularity
Family farmers
Parents who expect good things of their kids
Reporters brave enough to challenge dishonesty
Well behaved children
Knowledgeable store clerks
People who pays life’s dues willingly
People who listen
Kids without body piercing and tattoos
People who treat everyone with respect
True Christians of whatever religion

Stores with real individuality
Feel good movies that don’t pander
Original plots
Common sense school standards
Mom and pop restaurants
Intelligent TV shows
Open spaces
Sex scenes with relevance to the plot
Old growth forests


Television evangelists
Women hating men
Men hating women
Anyone who has had anything whatsoever to do with the O. J. Simpson circus
Rush Limbaugh fans
Afternoon talk shows full of immoral morons
Single issue voters
People who demand special treatment for their own group
Idiots who take noise-making devices into the open spaces
Racists of all colors
People who believe they are owed a free ride.
People who make a living telling us how bad things are
Elitists who dumb things down
Drivers who use their car as their weapon
People who expect too little of the American people
People who contribute nothing but “know their rights”
Street gangs
Police who follow the Code of Silence
People who see prejudice everywhere
Conspiracy believers
Land developers
People who want to impose their moral views on the rest of us

Designer anything
Plastic pretending to be something else
Movies with budgets measured in explosions, wrecked cars and gallons of gore
Everything about Madonna
Brainlessly negative labels, decals, stickers
News-stand tabloids
Four wheel drive cowboys
Sticky labels that leave goo behind
Easy-open packages that can’t be opened
Coast to coast malls full of identical stores
Tell-all books
The terms “diversity” and “multi-cultural”
TV tabloid shows
Trendy foods, cloths, stores
Sound bites
Laugh tracks
T shirts bearing profanity
Cell phones in restaurants
Junk mail — traditional or electronic
Boom boxes
Political correctness

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